Rapid TEM Sample Preparation Using the NanoBot System

Rapid TEM Sample Preparation Using the NanoBot System

"The NanoBot system has proven remarkably effective for rapid TEM sample preparation in a single beam FIB."

--- Peter Nguyen,
     President at Chip Targets


- Extreme ease of use.

- Ultra-low drift.

- Cuts TEM sample preparation
   time 30%.


-  Uses any available
   vacuum port.

-  In-situ mounting with easy

   installation and removal.

- The affordable alternative
   to chamber-mounted

   lift out tools.

Parallel Gas Injection System (PGIS)

Parallel Gas Injection System (PGIS)

- The affordable next-generation
   gas injection system.

- Two- and four-gas systems
   are available.

- Modular in-situ design with
  easy installation
and removal.



- Separate gas channels
  prevent cross contamination.

- Wide range of available
  precursors, including gold
  and xenon difluoride.

- Uses any available port,
  freeing up other ports.


Fast on-off control eliminates
long wait time after deposition.


Fast precursor switching
without purge.

Welcome to Xidex

Welcome to Xidex

The Nanobot® System represents the most innovative manipulation platform available for positioning, control, fabrication and testing of nanomaterials.

Find out why this versatile package provides an irreplaceable toolset for your lab.



Electrical Characterization of Nanodevices

Electrical Characterization of Nanodevices

   Ultra-low drift

+ Fine motion control
+ Low noise
+ LabVIEW interface
= Easy, precise

Nanotube Tip Fabrication

Nanotube Tip Fabrication

-  Make CNT tips
   in a few minutes with
   the NanoBot system.

-  This can take all day
   with a competing

Nanoparticle Manipulation

Nanoparticle Manipulation

-  Smooth, orthogonal motion with 1 nm
   resolution enables assembly of
   complex nanostructures in minutes.

-  Controlling probe charge and
   position relative to the target
   nanoparticles enables a variety
   of novel experiments.

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Find out why Xidex built the NanoBot system, and how nanoscientists are using this adaptable, affordable, user-friendly product to dramatically boost their R&D productivity





The NanoBot® Nanomanipulator by Xidex

The Nanobot nanomanipulator is the most adaptable nanomanipulation product on the market. It's ease of use and programmability make it easy to deploy in most applications of scanning electron microscopes (SEM) or focused ion beam (FIB) installations.

Xidex strives to provide the best nanomanipulator solution to lab directors and nanoscientists across many industries and utilizes the versatile LabView system to develop highly configurable yet easy to use systems.

Applications include :


Specialized Nanomanipulation Applications

The Nanobot nanomanipulator can be used with other Xidex products to extend its capabilities.

The Parallel Gas Injection System accommodates up to four different gas precursors. This nanomanipulator based gas delivery system takes full advantage of the Nanobot's different operating modes for precise interaction with micro- and nano-scale particles.

The Nanobot nanomanipulator can also be outfitted with a gripper and a force sensor to complement this highly adaptable nanomanipulation product.