Technical Specifications


Number of XYZ Nanopositioners
NX-1000:  1    NX-2000:   2
NX-3000:  3    NX-4000:   4
Software: A LabVIEW based applications library for mechanical and electrical probing and other useful procedures is already installed on a laptop computer running Windows. Additional applications are provided with grippers, force sensors and other optional end effectors. Other custom built user applications will require separate purchase of LabVIEW from National Instruments
Controller and Joystick: Provide control for all three axes of motion. Control is switchable between XYZ nanopositioners. Positions of previously selected nanopositioners are held fixed and retained in memory. One controller and joystick can drive up to four independent XYZ nanopositioners.
Actuation Modes:
Long Range (Multi Step)

Range 12 mm

Speed up to 1 mm/sec
Single Step 50 nm to 2µm
Fine Range

Range ±2.4 µm

Resolution < 1nm
Drift: < 1nm/min
Probe Electrical Characteristics:
Electrical Noise: <10 pA
Low Noise Option: <200 fA
Maximum Voltage: 250 VAC
Maximum Current: 2 A
Size: (excluding end effector booms)
(NX-1000) 54 x 28 mm footprint

34 mm height
(NX-2000) 120 x 28 mm                footprint

34 mm height
SEM/FIB Mounting: Mounts on SEM/FIB door or stage using an adjustable mounting bracket.
Electrical Connections: Requires a KF40 port for electrical feedthrough. 100-240 VAC Input at 50/60 Hz.

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