Parallel Gas Injection System

pgis schematic with mala kada schematic

The Parallel Gas Injection System (PGIS) is offered as an option for use with Xidex’s NanoBot® nanomanipulator. The PGIS accommodates up to four different gas precursors which are delivered via separate tubes as shown in the schematic below. A library of LabVIEW™ based applications for gas deposition and etching as well as basic mechanical and electrical probing are installed on a laptop computer running Windows OS which is provided with the system. The LabVIEW based system also allows for user programming of custom applications.

This nanomanipulator based gas delivery system takes full advantage of the NanoBot’s different operating modes for precise interaction with micro- and nano-scale objects. One or more additional NanoBot XYZ nanopositioners can be used to bring a mechanical or electrical probe, force sensor, gripper, or other end effector into close proximity or contact with the sample.

The nanopositioners can be mounted on either the SEM/FIB stage or door assembly. Locating the nanomanipulator inside the sample chamber instead of suspending it from a penetration in the wall of the sample chamber enables use of structural members with significantly shorter moment arms, resulting in a system with higher stiffness, less drift and higher resolution in terms of applied displacements and forces. Also, a nanomanipulator located inside the sample chamber can generally be made to have a larger range of motion than can a nanomanipulator suspended from a penetration in the wall of the sample chamber.

View the Complete Description:  pdf Xidex Parallel Gas Injection System 110913.pdf